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"BIN95" Raises the Bar for Programmable Logic Control Training
Giving Every PLC Training Seminar Attendee a PLC With Trainer and Extra Lessons to Take Home

Press Release: Saint Louis, MO (PRWEB) -- "BIN95" Raises the Bar for Programmable Logic Control Training

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President of BIN : "Proving once again we care more about the customer learning and continuing to do so after they leave the workshop, than we care about profits. Living up to our creed… “The Best for Less”

Hands-on best PLC training

Click Programmable Logic Control Training for PLC Training workshop details.

(Hurry, only 10 seats available in each of these last 2 PLC seminars this year.)

If you do not have need, share with your maintenance and engineering friends, as they may not want to miss this great opportunity.

VFD Drive Training | VFD Basics online course intro.
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This VFD drive training video is a preview of the VDF basics, from the essentials online course at http://bin95.com/vfd-basics-training-online.htm

In the full online certificate course on Variable Frequency Drives, your find the electric drive tutorial, you'll learn how does a variable speed drive work and other essentials. One of the best VSD motor online courses you can get as it never expires, 24/7 access worldwide. That training module is designed to familiarize students from beginner or expert with the essential VFD types, features, functions and benefits of them. Be it a VFD pump, motor inverter or other AC motor speed control.

To take the full Online VFD Essentials Certificate Course, see http://bin95.com/vfd-basics-training-online.htm

The True Cost of Downtime in Manufacturing and Big Data
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No doubt you've explored TPM, Lean Manufacturing 🏭, OEE, maybe even ROCE. But does your EAM and CMMS incorporate TDC (True Downtime Cost)??  Does your big data analytics incorporate the true cost of downtime?
If not, you've missed the low hanging fruit in this alphabet soup. (yuk.. fruit and soup) Download "The True Cost of Downtime" ebook today and learn about the missing link in  Lean Manufacturing. Yea, there will be a section on OEE, even TEEP. But that is just to give you some context in this Activity Based Costing (ABC) methodology known as TDC (copywrite 1995-2017 by Bin95.com). Learn how you can make better informed decisions using TDC and pick the greater savings quicker. Also, as you read, you may realize TDC is also the missing link in 🔗 big data analytics. This book should be a part of all lean manufacturing training, especially while comparing activity based costing vs traditional costing.
Related: ROIC, Gemba, theory of constraints

OPC Training Course enables industrial convergence of SCADA systems to IIoT
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February 122017
 OPC Training Course supports industrial convergence of SCADA systems to IIoT

This course software gives practical application to PLC, PAC, DCS and SCADA systems knowledge plus it directs hands-on experience with free OPC server software, PiBridge and OPC DA (Data Acquisition) client software is also included in the training course bundle. This OPC certificate course software takes the approach to give the professional just what they need to know when working with PAC & PLC networks, DCS, SCADA and IIoT.

The course covers how to pull/push data to and from PLC SCADA system to host computers in the most safe and reliable way. It starts with comprehensive theory chapters, followed by over 150 review tests and then ends with hands-on lab and practical application using real industrial grade software consisting of OPC server and OPC client. Students install the software on their own computer, configure the free OPC server and OPC client as if they were in a real plant and then witness actual real-time data communications in front of their eyes on their own computer.

Continued at ... http://bin95.com/opc-scada-training.htm

Fluid Mechanics: Industrial hydraulics training 1
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First in a series we are going to create. So be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel so you do not miss any. (next one should be in a couple weeks.)

Electrical circuit design software, circuit simulator - The Constructor 13
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For details of The Constructor 13 (electrical circuit diagram design software and circuit simulator software in one), see http://bin95.com/circuit-simulator-constructor.htm
 Want to try this Electrical CAD software for free, see http://industrial-ebooks.com/CBT_software/The-Constructor-13-circuit-simulator2675.php

The latest features are electrical simulation scripting for hands free simulations. Which makes it even greater for universities and various IBEW/JATC/UA/IEC training centers around the world that use it.

Siemens PLC programming tutorial - Counters
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Siemens PLC programming training tutorial | Counters
Part 1 of Siemens plc programming examples videos using the Siemens PLC simulator training bundle. If you would like to see more of these siemens plc training videos, please like and share with others. The more popular we see they are, the more we create. Excerpts from video below...
Step 7 Siemens PLC Programming Examples - Counter
This factory simulation shows the process we’ll use to explorer how the Siemens PLC counter drives the counter display. We switch the Factory simulator to run mode and the counter starts counting pallets. The bottom photo eye on the safety light curtain detects each pallet passing by.
The operator can manually reset the counter to zero. With this factory simulator, you can also toggle on the Sensor Tags, see color code status of sensor in the tag name associated with sensor address.
Ok, lets pull back the curtain and see what controls this counter display. In the Siemens simulation software, we have a counter function. You can see the current value of counter 107 matches the displayed count via the binary integer output from Siemens PLC counter.
Shown here, the Siemens counter number 107 is programmed to reset if the operator’s reset pushbutton is pressed OR the internal Counter Done bit becomes true. You can see here ... continued in video above.

PLC Tutorial - PLC program of motor control circuit
industrial manufacturing engineering

Encouragement for College Students
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There is a very common question ask often by Electrical Engineering students. So I decided to answer the question "Why is there so much theoretical and and not more practical application in college Electrical Engineering programs?", with the following analogy. I hope it helps some students better understand why.

Think of it like your final goal is to be a Unique beautiful piece of pottery. Your scholastic/theoretical college time is the clay in which to later be shaped into that unique beautiful piece of pottery that every employer wants. Your college could be high-quality giving you just the right mix of ingredient that is easy for future employers to work with when molding you in to their desired piece of art, and contribute to making you a more solid piece of pottery out of that clay. A piece that will last for many years come.

Read more ... http://bin95.com/theoretical-electrical-engineering.htm

PLC Simulator Factory IO Tour
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PLC Simulator - Factory IO Tour ( http://bin95.com/siemens-plc-simulator.htm ) A PLC simulator software bundle. This factory automation tour video focus on the factory simulator software in that bundle. The Siemens PLC simulator (SPS-S7) also comes with the PLC simulator download bundle, but you can contact BIN95 if you need more advanced version that connect with all brands of real PLCs, does database connections, etc., or if you need site license details for mutiple PC installation or network versions. See link above for more details and to purchase factory sim single PC install, unlimited users. Most individuals can afford, and it makes learning fun as it is like your own factory simulation game, but more chalenging than  a factory in minecraft. Let your emagination run wild.


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