Top Skills for Industrial Automation Engineer

Top 5 Skills to Excel in Today’s Industrial Automation World.

For automation technician to automation engineer…

Top 5 Automation Skills

[In order of importance and learning, each build on the previous skill set.]

1. Problem Solving

The ability to gather information surrounding a problem and use cognitive thinking to come up with creative solutions. 

2. Critical Thinking

Keeping an open mind to all considerations and details before coming to a conclusion.

3. Computer Literacy

Knowledge about computers and experience with using computers. This includes safe practices, familiarity with business task and demonstrating an acceptable level of experience. 

4. Communications

Communicate technical information in a clear and concise manner, being more detailed when need be. Adjust for collaborators and seeking user inputs, from the non-technical to outside their expertise to those more knowledgeable then yourself. 

5. Multitasking:

With multiple skill requirements comes the need to multitask efficiently. Not just project management skills (PMP), but handle task interruption well too. 

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